Getting “in the door” isn’t everything. Perhaps we shouldn’t even be looking for a door into someone else’s house at this stage in our writing career. What if we should actually be focussing on building our own house first? When the “neighbours” notice us, they may come over and say hi. They may even invite us over to their place to meet some other people. How this quite translates into real-life, though, I’m not quite sure yet. Leave it with me and I’ll get back to you.
Will Write For Likes
Jon Jackson

~❤~ Great piece!

I think this highlighted bit is the stage I’m at right now, along with being like a puppy finding chew toys. :)

I need writing to be fun, and it’s just not fun if it isn’t really me on the page. Maybe the real issue is: Can I write authentically and still get paid for it? I dearly hope the answer is yes, but for me with my toe barely in the pond that remains to be seen.

I just skimmed a well-liked article saying one can’t make a living as a writer. Yet the way I see it is: if one is able to make any amount of money at all from writing, that is part of making a living. Which is what would be a better focus. Writing most certainly can be part of making a living.

It’s hard enough being a writer in a world that generally doesn’t understand what that means. I think writers need encouragement from other writers, not smack downs. And your piece definitely adds to my encouragement. Thank you.

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