Serendipity and After/10
Mrinal Bose

Hi Mrinal! Thanks for linking me, I’m happy to read. Hope my comments will be helpful. Not sure what’s the best protocol, but here are a few notes.. :)

I enjoyed the beginning as I’m naturally drawn to a story that’s about someone trying to write novel. The doctor aspect is also intriguing. I feel like I’m getting to peek into his world.

My favorite part is the little interlude with Dr Bardhan in the Scorpio. I highlighted the paragraph that made me want to know more on that topic, if possible. I understand that may come later in the story.

Near the end I got a bit confused over the character of Dr P K Dutta. What is his purpose? Is he just a little character sketch to show what a “bad doctor” might look like? Or is there something I missed that goes a little deeper?

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