Not getting some Comment emails?

Anyone else having this problem?

Prior to a few weeks ago I used to receive an email notification every time someone left a comment on one of my pieces. However, more recently I’ve noticed some notifications are not making it to my email. This is a bummer because, if at all possible, I like to respond to everyone who leaves a comment; but I may miss responding to some folks if notifications aren’t being sent to my email.

Here are my current settings:

current settings
  • Notifications on your content: It’s on, so I should be getting emails for all comments, right?
  • Social notifications: I ignore this one as I’m not connected to other social media.
  • Mention notifications: I have no problems with this one.


Since my settings seem fine.. my current workaround is:

After I login, I manually go through my notifications list (next to the profile icon). If I notice a comment that didn’t reach my email I hover my mouse over it, right click, and open in a new tab. That allows me to type a response on that tab, and then I can close it without losing where I was on the list.

Anyway, my question remains:

Has Medium changed the way it sends email notifications? It it normal to receive email notifications for only some comments but not all?

Thanks in advance!


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