Just two quick thoughts: the first is that I don’t think your 'problem' (dreading using that) was in not being inclusive enough or too formal or whatever, but in the framing of the 'problem’ to begin. It wasn’t that you had too few views or not enough exposure or that too few people wanted to read short-fiction as opposed to write it, but just the opposite. You didn’t have enough writers, or don’t now. I just mean you’re right, it probably is a case that there are more people who would like to dabble writing a SFF piece (who might not feel it’s their thing) than read it.
I think I’m going to have to sit down to write an entire post on this, instead of a response.
tigger porn

Oh, no worries, I don’t mind at all trying to define or hash out the “problem.” I’m still unsure about it myself. I do know it’s not something I’m embarrassed about or anything, and I don’t mind if it ultimately “fails.” What matters to me is to have tried it — because without trying it, how could I find out whether or not it works, how could I try to learn from it? If there’s a takeaway from any of this, that’s what I’d want it to be.

I think it’s essentially a combination of not having enough writers and readers. I’ll probably belabor this point, but I believe it comes down to the fact that most people want to maximize their time and effort on Medium by investing it into the most bang for their buck: the largest publications they can get on. I was/am trying for a different “model”: much more casual, publishes “anything on the subject,” has no deadlines/prompts, etc. It’s still pretty early, but maybe it’s a model that won’t work and “min-max” will always be the thing here. If so, that’s fine. But in that case I may as well close up this tiny shop and we can all just post as individuals or on the big pubs.

Movies.. My last favorite movies ever were the LotR movies. The Hobbit ones couldn’t even compare, in my opinion. Fantasy movies are tough to get right. Otherwise I also like sci-fi, historical, and some spy/thriller types. Recent-ish sci-fi that comes to mind include Gravity and The Martian. I’m greatly anticipating Dr. Strange. What about you? :)

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