It is a mixture of dried beef, milk, and spices (kind of gravy-like but then not really because it…
Michael Ramsburg

That does sound quite icky.. But when I think of gravy I think yummy. I’ve had some tasty “gravy” in restaurants but am not sure it was the real deal.

Poi is made from mashing the corm of the taro plant and mixing that with water to the desired consistency: liquidy, viscous, or more pasty. It turns out a light purplish-gray color. When fresh it has a very slight sweetness but is otherwise quite bland. You can often find it and other Hawaiian foods at big local-style parties thrown by friends or family. Casual Hawaiian restaurants serve it, and you can also buy bags of poi at the supermarket. I think it’s a must-try for anyone who visits Hawaii, if only to check off that box. :)

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