Managing your Creative Process

Tess Bliven
Jan 9 · 3 min read

It is a new year, and many of us are sowing the seeds for what we want to do in our year to come. We set targets, both personal and professional, of where we want to see ourselves at the end of the year. Some of us are planning new creative projects, like writing a book, a regular blog series or writing new songs, while others are planning new habits, such as daily writing or painting.

The energy of a new year can be a powerful force for putting fresh things in motion, yet planting those seeds is only the first step of the journey. Too often, we only hear about the very beginning and the final outcome of the creative journey. Yet there is a whole lifecycle to creating something from nothing, a lifecycle that takes sustained creativity, support and nurturing.

So often, despite our best intentions, we hit a roadblock along the way and our project falls to the wayside.

So, how do we not only start something but also sustain it? How do we set ourselves up for success, and then find the resources (time, energy or material) to pursue our goals.

At Shuffle, we have been thinking in-depth about this and how to help our members do more of the things that matter to them. To do this, we have been reflecting on our own creative process, as well as speaking with creative coaches and cognitive-behavioral specialists to understand what is it that supports us as we follow through on our dreams. We have been looking at what it is that legitimizes our projects and the types of support and education that make a real impact. The further we dug into understanding creative processes of all kinds, the more it became clear that with Shuffle, we have the opportunity to build something that can completely transform how we create.

As we unveil our beta in February, you’ll see Shuffle dive deeper in this direction, especially with Shuffle Projects. Projects not only allow you to showcase your work in a beautiful way, but also provide the personal tools needed to develop, contextualize and uplift your work every step of the way.

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together. — Vincent Van Gogh

We’re so thrilled about how this new component of Shuffle will elevate your passions, that we boldly declare — it is going to be the best way to bring your projects into the world. I will be writing more as we get closer to the launch but until then here is a sneak peek:

Join us on Shuffle

At , we are building the platform for managing your creative process. We’ve designed a radically new online space for creative and multidisciplinary professionals to bring their projects into the world. Working on an interesting project? Join the waitlist.

You can read about our thoughts on the future of work and how it will be driven by people opting to follow what they love here:

Tess Bliven

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I’m the Co-Founder of Shuffle. The multidisciplinary professional network for the future of work

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