Opportunity is equality

Global Movements

Capitalism came about as a solution from communism – to increase abundance, and conquer the challenges of global inequality. In no way am I suggesting that the current capitalist state that we live in is a utopian one. What I am suggesting is that through some minor changes in society and inspired decision-making, we can come one step closer to approaching a state of equality.

There is no way that capitalism can bring about equal wealth status. This is due to a huge number of reasons, social choices, setting, desire, individual value for experience over monetary gain, and so on. What is realistic however, are the opportunities we are offered.

It is through the globalized world that there have been colossal increases in communication and collaboration through advancements in technology, creating conditions better equipped for growth, prosperity and abundance. Through this freedom offered to us as a capitalist society, we can share and learn from eachother, which opens our eyes and our minds beyond what we have direct contact with. There is now worldwide knowledge beyond what there has ever been, and it is through the use and dynamic capabilities of the Internet that this global communication is so abundant (Shirky 2014).

We cannot demand uniformity of individual desires – that becomes a strain of communism. What can be equal is offered opportunity. With increased opportunity, those that wish to learn can. They can develop themselves and the world around them. If a being does not strive for success, they must know that it was their choice. Learning should not be a privilege; it should be a right, like freedom of speech. Through an ever-increasingly well-learned society, we can improve conditions, increase humanity and rights, and strive towards becoming a more generous society. I am aware this is a very optimistic view, and I am not suggesting overnight that all evils will be gone from the world, however through an increase in these things, and a fluid government-supported system of opportunity we will be on track to the beginnings of conquering the challenges of global inequality.

Image credit: http://listverse.com/2010/12/24/top-10-greatest-benefits-of-capitalism/

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