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You like? You love? You favorite? You five stars? Well, whatever your love language is, let’s explore them together.

In this cheat sheet we will cover:

  1. Types of patterns
  2. Like
  3. Save
  4. Favorite
  5. Rate
  6. Views & listens
  7. Closing thoughts
  8. Further reading

Types of patterns

There are five ‘main’ types of patterns to show appreciation and they are:

Liking: Used for non-referenceable appreciation showing.

Favorite: To earmark content, to show its importance, or to reference easier.

Save: To bookmark content that isn’t yours to reference later.

Rate: To give users the opportunity to say they dislike something as well as like it.

Views: To track the amount of people who have viewed something. …


If you are designing a product with a social element, chances are — you’re going to need a notification center. So how do you go about creating this? That’s what we will be exploring in this cheat sheet.

In this cheat sheet we will cover:

  1. What is an in-app notification center?
  2. Types of notification centers
  3. Notification views
  4. Notification icon and badge
  5. Notification building blocks
  6. Notification center
  7. Follow up notifications
  8. Writing tone and template
  9. Notification settings
  10. Handing copy over to development
  11. Creating compulsive behavior
  12. Closing thoughts
  13. Further reading

1. What is an in-app notification center?

You will mostly deal with two types of notification centers, a) OS notification centers and, b) in-app notification centers. For this cheat sheet, we will just be looking at the in-app & browser notification centers. …


When you have a lot of content, you have to rely on one of these three patterns to load it. So, which is best? What will your users like? What do most platforms use? These are the questions we will explore today.

Before you start, I would recommend checking out my other two related cheat sheets, one on searching and browsing and the other on grids and lists. While these aren’t critical to understanding the three pattern types, they will give you some background and context.

In this cheat sheet we will cover:

1. Introduction

2. Pagination
2.1. Fact-ish sheet
2.2. How many items per page
2.3. Component: Navigation
2.4. Component: Filters
2.5. Component: Sorting
2.6. Component: Items per page
2.7. Component: Showing results
2.8. Component: Grid to list switcher
2.9. …


Tess Gadd

UI Designer

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