The Rabbit Hole

April, 2009

So I’ve heard you wish to know
How deep is the Rabbit Hole?

Do you feel lost and alone?
Like the life you’re living is not your own?
Like you have no control?
As though you have nowhere to go?
If you choose to trust in me
I’ll show you a world beyond what you see;
A Wonderful world, where true beauty is known,
A place where you will feel at home.
Follow me, come, take my paw
And soon, my dear, you’ll see it all.
You’ve made your choice, now take my hand,
I’ll take you into Wonderland…

We plummet into worlds unknown,
You’ll never wish to return home.
Not that you really have a choice…
In Wonderland you have no voice.
In Wonderland there is no time,
There is no reason, only rhyme.
Come, my dear, walk through the door
To dreams you’ve never dreamed before.
Don’t be afraid, just follow me,
Ill take you where you need to be.

In this place sanity fades with the past,
Gravity disappears, consequences don’t last.
Here you will awake in a dream,
But nothing is ever quite what it seems.
So stay, if you like, but you don’t have a choice
For you have already made your choice,
And in Wonderland, you have no voice.
In Wonderland, you have no voice.

You once walked your world deaf and blind
But you have listened, so you will find
Everything this world can be,
But only if you walk farther with me.
Your life can be more than it would seem
But only if you dare to dream;
Dare to walk the winding path,
And never dare to wander back.
The only road will take us down,
Down a twisted dark fall where the real things drown.
Go drink with the Hatter, dance with Hearts and Spades
Bliss for sanity is an easy trade.
The cards twirl you faster, right out of control
As we fall deeper…
 deeper down the rabbit hole.

You’ll find the White Rabbit, but he’s running late
The consequence of which is truly a cruel fate.
“But there are no consequences here!” you cry
“You promised me that!” what can I say? I lied.
You plead with me to show you the way out. 
Lost and confused, your heart’s drowning in doubt.
I watch your eyes grow wide with fear
As, stripe by stripe, I disappear.
The last thing you see now is quite a surprise!
You see only my smile, and my bright

My wicked laugh chills you right down to the bone.
You think you feel lonely, but you’re never alone.
The trees are watching each step that you take.
They stalk you, you feel them, they whisper words of hate.
You break into a run to escape all the noises
But the faster you run, dear, the louder the voices
You run for an hour, and exhausted, you fall
Only to find you never moved at all…

You curl into a ball and bitterly weep
As you realize it’s hopeless, you’ve fallen too deep.
You hear shouts from the flowers and jeers from the sand
Nothing is, what it is, in Wonderland.
You scream out for help, but the woods echo back
The terrible sound of my own manic laugh.

As the last strip of sanity flees your mind
Every happiness you’ve known leaves you behind.
Ignorance is bliss, but sorry Love, you’re in Hell
Now that you know this sick place oh so well.
Like the White Rabbit, child, you are too late
But remember Alice, you alone choose this fate.
So kick back, relax, because you’re here to stay
Now that you will never get away. 
So enjoy it here, you choose it, and
Welcome to Wonderland!

Now I’ve shown you, now you know,
So…how deep is the