This is why every entrepreneur should host a speaker event

As an entrepreneur you probably watched a lot of webinars, read many books and found other sources of inspiration. There’s always this one person who made more sense than the others. The one who brought all the pieces together and enriched not only your business, but also your life.

Yes, you have someone in mind? Great!

What if I told you you could pass this experience forward by organising a speaker event — and that your business would profit from it as well? Plus, it is also the gateway to developing new ideas, expanding your community and general brand awareness.

“Wait, what?! So besides meeting my idol/inspirator/love of my life, I will also bring my business to the next level?” Yes, you will!

  1. You get immediate feedback and validation on your ideas and products — You get the chance to ask the speaker anything. Feedback on your product, tips and a very important one: ask the speaker to use your product as a case study. This will lead to feedback from both the speaker as from other attendees. Or maybe there is a way to integrate your own product within the event itself. Be creative!
  2. You learn something new — Except from the feedback you get regarding your product or service, you also improve yourself. Learning new information gives a boost to your mind: open, awake and aware. The next day you will bring new, spirited input to the table that energizes the whole team. Let’s go!
  3. You develop thought leadership — Another pro of organising a substantive event, is that it will help you establish thought leadership. If you are the one who brought this amazing speaker to this town, the one who foresaw before anyone else that this person is a genius, then you’re golden. People will take your opinion (more) serious and your advice will be valued. You will become an authority on relevant topics by answering the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.
  4. You’re connecting strong content to your brand — Attaching your name to a successful event can play a big part in your brand awareness and marketing. It serves as a powerhouse of content (see the last point) and leaves online and offline ‘tracks’ for new partners and customers to pickup.
  5. You build a community — A dedicated community that loves your product can help you launch new ideas and improve your service. Organising an event is an easy way to generate a community or deepen the connections within an existing community. Make sure your attendees are involved, so they feel essential, sought after and needed. It’s not the quantity of attendees that matters, but the relationship they have with the content and the concept of the event.
“Organising a speaker event is not in my budget”

The solution is simple: crowdfunding! Put your name out there to find partners and a dedicated audience. Yes it takes time to realise a crowdfunded event, but it’s worth it. A successful event (im)proves your reach and number of engaged customers, and it also strengthens your brand.

Of course, Live on Demand would be happy to help you out. Launch a campaign now!

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