Create a React App in 2 min

Tess Neau
Tess Neau
Nov 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Understand the background as you go

Create React App

Create React App is a package which will quickly set up your development environment and a lightweight frontend folder structure for your React App. The package was built by facebook, who also originated ReactJS.

Learn the commands then read more about the underlying parts.

The Commands

All command line commands. Start by navigating to the directory where you want your app

1. Prerequisites: Update or Install NPM & Node

Create React App requires npm ≥ 8.16 and Node ≥ 8.16

npm install npm@latest -g
npm cache clean -f
npm install -g n
sudo n stable

2. Create Your App

npx create-react-app banana-store

Using npx, which comes with npm ≥ 5.2, will automatically install the latest version of create-react-app and execute the package.

Learn By Doing

I meet a lot of Software Engineers who learn best hands on. It makes sense that this method of learning is so popular in the field. Software is a refined pile of many complex smaller parts, just like mathematical conclusions are all children of the simple axioms of addition, subtraction, and the existence of 0 and 1.

Technical solutions are building off one another so quickly that there is always going to be some underbelly concept that you haven’t heard of. Maintain a practice of learning by doing, with break to read about concepts in between. You’ll automatically pick up on underlying patterns and nothing will ever feel unfamiliar.

ReactJS is the epitome of this idea. React is declarative — developers use it to describe what the UI should look like and React makes sure the outcome matches.

It’s a great library for developers who want to build a modern web app fast and learn by doing. You’ll learn how to sharpen your modern Javascript skills, learn more about the DOM, and the components that make up a web app.

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