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The starting commands of your Git / Github workflow

If you’re already familiar wit Git and Github basics, feel free to skip below.

Git and Github

You found the perfect collaborator and you’ve discussed the most genius software project that’ll give everyone eternal life and triple the size of everyone’s brains.

You start each working on a feature of the genius project on separate computers. But now you want to piece the two features together onto one block of code.

Git and Github is going to save your precious perfectly written code from being overwritten or lost by merging code with a collaborator.

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Understand the background as you go

Create React App

Create React App is a package which will quickly set up your development environment and a lightweight frontend folder structure for your React App. The package was built by facebook, who also originated ReactJS.

Learn the commands then read more about the underlying parts.

The Commands

All command line commands. Start by navigating to the directory where you want your app

1. Prerequisites: Update or Install NPM & Node

Create React App requires npm ≥ 8.16 and Node ≥ 8.16

npm install npm@latest -g
npm cache clean -f
npm install -g n
sudo n stable

2. Create Your App

npx create-react-app banana-store

Using npx, which comes with npm ≥ 5.2, will automatically install the latest version of create-react-app and execute the package. …

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A mentor used to always tell me “there are infinite ways of skinning a cat”. I can’t explain that quote but took it to mean that your tools are your own.

Code Structure Benefits

Confidence and efficiency as a programmer is something that is in constant ebb and flow, especially at a junior level. There’s a myriad of ways to organize a web development project and recognizing them is something that will make you more confident as a coder and efficient as a code-reader.

So in between your jumbled Javascript files, relax by learning about current popular file structure or naming conventions. There aren’t many and lots of coders will pick and chose their own. That said, use conventions to your own power along the way however you please.

BEM Methodology is one that has helped me build confidence and greaten my scalability skills for quite some…

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It’s pretty sweet when architecture spreads out to its global definition and proves to be useful for physical and virtual concepts. Have you seen those wall hooks that turn your wall into rock climbing?! I’m also reading Bell Hooks in a small apartment full of hooks so.

My Introduction

I was introduced to React Hooks through a conversation with a lead engineer. At that point, I’d gotten decently comfortable with React and Javascript ES6. I had built several full-fledged web apps with React frontends, in which I had implemented Redux, controlled forms, higher-order components, React-Router and authentication methods. Yet, when we were discussing the difference between functional components and class components, I learned that with React Hooks most of my class components could be refactored into functional components with much fewer lines of code and quicker runtime. …

Google Creative Labs is an interdisciplinary team composed of “designers, writers, business leaders, filmmakers, animators, producers, creative technologists, and much more.”. Among this team is Maya Man, with the title of creative technologist. And in this past year, she was among a team who worked on a 5 month long experiment with Bill T. Jones, famous American choreographer who is the artistic director of New York Live Arts and founder of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company which resides in NYLA

Bill T. Jones “rose from being the 10th of 12 children of migrant farm workers to one of the most notable, recognized modern-dance choreographers and directors of our time”. At his Alma Matter, he met his longtime partner in dance and life Arnie Zane. Together they became known to push the boundaries of the traditions within the dance world. They scandalized audiences by being some of the first to pair up male dancers, having them lift each other. They often incorporating themes of AIDS and race into their pieces, which weren’t common in dance pieces at the time. …

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Sometimes you go through your day in a common routine — wake up, take the subway to work, grab lunch, eat lunch, leave work, take the subway home, eat dinner, go to sleep — and you can’t even remember exactly what you’ve spent your day doing. Someone could ask you at the end of the day ‘How was your day?’ and all you want to answer is a simply few word sentence ‘Pretty good. Craig, the new guy, gave me lots of work but overall a good day.’. You won’t mention all of the people you walked around in the 6pm subway crowd, or mention that all day you’ve been walking, setting your left foot in foot first maybe and then pushing your body forward and catching yourself with your right. …

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Canvas is a Web API which allows us to create 2D graphics on a webpage. It allows us to do through Javascript and an HTML <canvas> element. People often use canvas to create games, data visualization, photo manipulation and much more. Essentially canvas is a great tool to suck your user deeper into your webpage. Let’s go through the basics. (Note that I’ve used the MDN guide which you can follow along with here

Start by creating an html file. We’re going to add a canvas element to the body. By default the canvas will be an empty box with no border with width and height (pixels) of your choosing. That said you can’t see the canvas element unless you inspect the page with developer tools. Therefore, for the sake of this example I’ve added a border to the canvas box which you can find under the style attribute of the canvas tag. …

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this could be you

So you’ve started working on client/server projects. You’ve learned about HTTP method verbs (get, post, put, delete) and CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete). And yet you still have a hard time mapping the correct routes between them. Here’s where REST (representational state transfer) comes in and gives you a helping hand.

REST is a set of convention principles, rules that the community of developers has decided to follow when doing such client/server projects so that we would be able to communicate amongst each other, read other’s code, and make sure that people learning could better see the signs on the path to an error-free life (at least temporarily). …


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