Relationship Wisdom from Six Great Movies
David Hopkins

Frankie and Johnny is one of the two ultimate romantic films I must recommend. It’s realistic, presents the fear of commitment and of getting hurt as the valid participants to the story, and it’s simply gorgeous. The nugget of wisdom in that one I would say is that fear is part of the game — wether it’s fear keeping you from entering relationships or fear driving you to find them, what you need to do is face it.

The other one is Weekend. Come to think of it, it’s also got hints of fear, but in a different manner. It’s beautiful because it shows how meeting someone can teach us so much, talking about our thoughts and feelings with someone can let us gain new perspectives on things we never questioned before, and how one should let people in.

These two truly are my favourites when it comes to love stories, and I have watched them again and again. Cannot recommend them enough.

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