Weinstein Isn’t The Only One: Screen Celebs Who Abuse Women or Children
Beth Winegarner

The author of this piece would do well to study up on the materials Emily Yoffe has produced in her stories, especially in the Atlantic. Women lie. Men lie. Everyone has an agenda, — and when an author reproduces bullshit statistics, as this author did with the false rape allegation statistics, then the agenda becomes clear. (I studies these statistics for a literature review I did for a Masters in Government. These have been divorced from context and from methodology and do not mean what this author thinks they mean.)

This does not serve rape victims.This kind of article does exactly what the Rolling Stone fiasco of an article on campus sexual assault did. It makes it very easy for those who do not want to take rape allegations seriously to point their finger and say “look at this blog post and how the author has twisted things up, making accusations that have already been shown to have been only rumors, and mistaken assumptions (as in the Louis C.K. case). Why should we believe others when we can see that this author did not do due diligence in her research?”

You diminish the case of every rape victim by this kind of shoddy writing.