How to be Comfortable Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I used to think that my comfort zone was something real.

Something that I needed to push myself out of in order to grow as a person.

I thought everyone had a comfort zone, and that some were bigger than others.

After I have seen the thought-feeling connection, that we in every moment are feeling our thinking, it doesn’t longer makes sense for me to believe that something new or scary is going to make me feel a certain way.

Even when it really looks like I’m feeling the outside, there is a deeper understanding always reminding me of the truth. I know the reminder will come at some point.

So when I’m hesitating to do something I have never done before or meet someone I have never met (going outside of my “comfort zone”) I still know that I will be okay.

How I feel has nothing to do with where I am.

When I say that to people they often say:

Even if you have seen this you can still feel uncomfortable, so how does this knowing help you in those situations?

For me one of the biggest realisations which helped me even in the situations where I felt really uncomfortable is the knowing that it has nothing to do with the people around me, and also, and this is a big one for me, I know that sooner or later I will return to feeling comfortable, without having to do anything.

I can get uncomfortable thinking/feeling in some moments, but because I know how my mind works and that my thoughts will change, it doesn’t make sense for me to hold on to those feelings of insecurity or try to manage them.

It also doesn’t make sense for me to try and manage the circumstance I’m in.

That in itself helps me realise on a deep level that even when I feel uncomfortable and only see that it’s the outside that is giving me that feeling I’m going to have a different experience in the next moment.

It’s like I’m knowing something on a level that I can’t explain or even understand. I know even when I don’t know.

So going back to going out of my comfort zone and still feel comfortable, seeing the thought-feeling connection has brushed out the lines of my made up zone.

We are born comfortable, confident, secure and happy. That is the state we will always come back to. No matter how uncomfortable we feel sometimes we will still return to it. It comes down to knowing that there is an opportunity not having to manage our thinking whenever we feel uncomfortable.

That was a big insight for me.

I don’t have to try and manage my insecure thinking, I can just let it be there until it goes away.

Seeing that as possible and okay, makes being uncomfortable way more comfortable, and it usually makes the insecure feeling go away faster, and gets me back into my innate wellbeing.

We are made out of love, and when we see that there is nothing to do when there clouds in the way, we always find our way back to pure love and understanding.

There is a Trust in that which can be found by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Trusting that life will take care of you.

Trusting that even outside of your comfort zone you can feel comfortable.

Trusting that even when you do feel uncomfortable, you will get back to comfort, without having to do anything.

Trusting that your experience will change no matter the situation you are in.

Trusting yourself and your inner wisdom.

And last but not least, Trust in the Trust.


Tess ❤


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