Enhance Your Wireless Reach with MIMO Antennas!

To enhance wireless reach, MIMO antennas serve as a significant source.

Well, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) wireless system makes use of multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver to transmit and receive multiple data streams. It will help you achieve higher data rate and improve performance of radio systems with increase spectral efficiency.

It has been found that MIMO techniques are used extensively in IEEE 802.11n WLAN and 4G cellular networks such as WiMAX and LTE (Long Term Evolution) systems. Moreover, a MIMO system utilizes spatially separated antennas to obtain spatial diversity in a multipath propagation environment.

The best part is that MIMO system can facilitate either diversity gain to combat signal fading or to provide capacity gain to achieve higher data rate. Basically, there are three different types of MIMO techniques. In specific terms, the first type is to maximize spatial diversity by improving transmit power efficiency.

And the second type is spatial multiplexing where multiple independent data signals are transmitted over antennas to increase data rate. Lastly, the third type makes use of channel knowledge at the transmitter to obtain capacity gain, also known as beamforming. Although, there are plethora of MIMO antenna manufacturers available but one should go for the most credible one among all.
Make a note, MISO uses multiple transmit antennas and single receive antenna to provide transmit diversity. Not only this, the spatial multiplexing in MIMO system also provides a linear increase in transmission rate proportional to the number of transmit-receive antenna pairs without increasing the transmission bandwidth or power.

Basically, beamforming is a MIMO technique which utilize multiple transmit antennas and shapes the overall antenna beam in the direction of the target receiver. And Beamforming is used when the channel knowledge that can be used to improve the system performance is available at the transmitter.

Channel knowledge is all about the instantaneous channel conditions or statistical property like transmit and receive antenna correlation property. Transmitter beamforming can enhance the signal strength at the receiver up to a factor T (number of transmit antennas). Moreover, a pre-coding vector is derived from the channel knowledge and the transmitted signal is multiplied by the pre-coding, which can be interpreted as the beamformer.

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