150 word flash fiction

Marie’s boss believed the old adage “The customer is always right”.

Unfortunately, many customers were blockheads who looked straight through Marie because she wore a uniform.

Since she needed her job, she tried to meet their sometimes blatant rudeness with a smile.

But she was often forced to bite her tongue to stop caustic comments tripping 
off it.

One day, when a customer was being particularly obnoxious, Marie grew so angry that the red mist came down and she began to seethe. Blood spurted from her eyes, drenching the man from head to toe. He cried out in pain as smoke hissed from his skin.

Although she apologised, Marie was secretly pleased he’d got his comeuppance.

She found she could do this at will.

Soon Marie had quite a reputation among the theatre-goers of Whitley Bay. She noticed the other usher always had the longest ice-cream queue at the interval.

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