When Your Writing Is For Work

Tess Wheeler
Apr 17 · 2 min read

And you have no words left for pleasure

Picture by ktontour07 on Pixaby

So tired am I, as Yoda might say.

I’ve been teaching English today to advanced-level business English students and we’ve focused, among other things, on salary negotiation.

Since I couldn’t find any ready-made lesson material to use, I spent the morning combing the internet for useful information and then writing a guide to negotiating. (It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you can become an expert on something when you need to.)

I covered the things you should never say, as well as the things you should say but the numerous ways in which you should never say them.

I adapted and paraphrased and summarised. I wrote about 2.5k words.

And then I taught. And then I wrote feedback for the lessons I’d taught.

My brain is fried and I can’t speak properly.

My body feels heavy and lumpen and welded to my chair; hardly surprising, as I’ve been in it for the best part of nine hours. My head feels as though it’s about to fall off my shoulders.

Now I need to go make dinner and be sociable with my family. If I can manage to walk down the stairs without falling and killing myself (which I’m convinced is how I’ll die).

What I haven’t managed to do today is write anything creative or inspiring or funny. And I feel disappointed in myself and like I’m treading water furiously just to stay in the same place.

That’s how it goes some days, I guess. I know I have to cut myself some slack and acknowledge that I’ve worked at earning money today, instead.

But if I could just have one little creative spark of an idea…a small toenail twinkling moment…I would feel so much better...

Here’s to tomorrow. May the force be with me.

Tess Wheeler

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Writer, editor and English teacher. Reader and beach-walker. I used to live in Hong Kong and London but now I’m back home in the North East of England.

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