A Natural Talent for Making Money

As I scrolled through my Pinterest home board this morning, I stumbled upon a pin called “How I made $25 Million Before I Turned 30.” I’ve seen a lot of posts like this on the web and never bother clicking on them. It seems like a waste of my time to go through and read about how someone else did it.

“Waste of time?” you say? You’re probably thinking ‘But you could learn from them.’ And yeah, you can learn from anyone’s experiences. That’s a given. But I used to click those links all the time. And usually found, that yes, I did indeed waste my time.

This is because most of the people who write those posts are natural born sellers. How do I know this? Click the links yourselves. They’re certainly not giving their experiences away for free aside from some small snippets here and there. No, when you click those links, you’ll find that they want to sell you their experiences in the form of a book. This guy in particular was selling his book for $19.99 + $3.00 shipping. And I’ve seen others sell their books for much more. It’s really no wonder these people are becoming millionaires or more at such young ages.

Now, am I saying it’s a bad thing that these people are able to do this? No, not at all. I think if we could all make that kind of money by time we turned 30, we’d do it. This guy in particular mentioned starting out selling lemonade at age 5. I bet he sold his lemonade for more than most people do these days. Why? Because he could. Some people really are just natural born sellers. They know how to push a product and make people want it. And I don’t think this is something that can be learnt.

Some of us don’t possess the talent to push every product that’s set in front of us. And that’s okay. We all have our talents because we’re all unique. If you’re fantastic at singing, it’s not going to do you much good trying to teach someone to sing who can’t carry a tune in a bucket. This is the reason I say it’s pointless to go clicking on these links about someone making millions of dollars before a certain age. This is them utilizing the internet to continue selling their talent. So, instead of clicking that link in hopes of getting rich quick, why not utilize your own talent to make a living yourself?

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