Workplace Drug Testing Kits — Urine or Saliva Based — Which is More sensible choice?

Right at the end of 2011, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Union (CFMEU) launched an instance with Fair Work Australia to prevent the usage of urine based drug sampling for employees of mining contractor HWE. The Union claimed urine testing for substance abuse, particularly cannabis, would have been a breach of privacy and returned misleading results, however Fair Work said urine testing was finer quality than saliva since it was more reliable, accurate, and able to detect chronic and regular usage of cannabis. Drug Test Cups Wholesale

So which is better option?

Oral Saliva Testing Kits

Drugs Detected

Cannabis (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates and Methamphetamines including MDMA (Ecstasy)

Maximum Detection Period

Cannabis — maximum 6 to 12 hours after use, playing with most all cases from the is quite a bit shorter.

Cocaine — 2 to 5 days

Amphetamines Up to 12 hours

Opiates — One to three days determined by type (e.g. codeine, morphine, heroin)

Methamphetamine — 1–3 days

Benefits For The Testing Administrator

Testing might be conducted in locations which there are no bathrooms and the testing process may be fully supervised always.

The Disadvantages

It will require longer to execute the testing — around Five minutes per test. The testing window is shorter so chronic drug abuse may not be identified. Some people will not be able to produce sufficient saliva because of health concerns.

Urine Testing Cups

Drugs Detected

Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, Methamphetamines and Benzodiazepines.

Maximum Detection Period

Cannabis — Two to seven days, around >30 days after heavy use and/or in users with higher extra fat

Cocaine — Two to five days

Amphetamines — 1 to days

Methamphetamines — Less than six days

Opiates — 1 to 4 days according to type

Methamphetamine — 3–5 days

Benzodiazepines Up to One week for therapeutic use. 4 to 6 weeks for chronic use (i.e. have been using for more than 12 months)


All-in-one solution implies that there’s no manual handling of specimens. Certain types (e.g. Microscreen) have in-built adulterant panels there are no errors in dosing of reagents. Specific kinds (e.g. Microscreen) let the testing administrator to support the testing panel constantly to prevent tampering with all the technology.

The Disadvantages

Some people who are suffering from a “shy bladder” could have trouble providing a sample. Bathroom facilities are needed.

Urine Testing Cassettes

Drugs Detected

As per Urine Testing Cups (above)

Maximum Detection Period

Depending on Urine Testing Cups (above)


Many testing administrators have an understanding of we now have as it has been readily available for more than the cups. Specimen is provided inside a regular specimen collection cup to ensure that no handling with the testing equipment is required in the sample provider.

The Disadvantages

Testing administrators are needed to transfer the urine sample onto a testing pad via a pipette, increasing the prospect of skin exposure and associated hygiene concerns. As per the cups, some individuals could have difficulty providing a sample and loo facilities are required.

Drug Test Cups Wholesale