A private sex party

We wrote this a couple months ago and are only now importing it to Medium.

It is a special thing to have four people working on you at the same time. As things got started last night, C found herself in an unusual position: she was sitting mostly upright, leaning back into our friend Zena, who was in turn leaning into our friend Slater, who was in turn leaning into his girlfriend Bella.

Confused? That’s okay. I was at C’s front and began going down on her, while the rest of the pile grabbed her by the hair, played with her tits, and, in the case of Bella, grabbed her wrists to force her chest upwards and outwards, exposing it for the other 30 people to see as C shook from the feel of my tongue on her clit and the six hands working her body. In ten minutes she had a near-blackout orgasm that had been a long time building.

By then my neck was cranky and my legs tingly from holding an awkward position that was ideal for C but not ergonomic for me. The hazards of sex! What would OSHA say?? I stood up. Zena disengaged herself from the pile. I took C’s spot at the front of the pile and felt those hands move across my body. Zena began going down on me. It felt amazing yet for some reason, probably overstimulation, I didn’t get hard. Cocks are funny, sometimes being hard at very awkward, inconvenient times, while sometimes moping on the job when there is very good company. Zena however is a master of her art and the feel of her lips on me makes me tingle even now as I write this.

Nonetheless after a while we broke up and regroup; maybe half an hour later most of the rest of the party began fucking. C and I readied ourselves. While she went off to get some toys and lube and things, I found myself next to Monica, who I’ve had sex with before, and a new man she was warming up. The new man and I took opposite sides of Monica, kissing her neck and then her surprisingly large breasts, which stand out doubly on such a petite person. I wondered if we’d double team her, that flash of fantasy happening as I thought of moving her to her knees and fucking her firmly from behind while she blew her new man. But as that flash dissipated C returned and we fucked, slowly but firmly, to completion again for her and for the first time for me.

The party went well though not in ways that make for a good story. James, C, and I were initially concerned that we’d have too few guests, only to find out that we had many more than expected; at the last minute, I grabbed a couple extra guys to make sure the sex ratio balanced. The group was larger and for that reason maybe less cohesive. James has moved toward the centre of the kink and sex positive communities and has gone from knowing some people to many, many people who are interested in the love that interests us. To be sure, C and I go on dates and attend parties where we meet people we like. But James is in, in a way we are not and may never be.

Later that night we fucked again, this time on a spanking bench, and I wish someone there had had our camera on us. Perfect sex is too rare. As we fucked we watched four other couples fucking too, scanning from one to the other and letting them feed our own imaginations, making it feel as if we were fucking each other and them at the same time.

Later still, we were getting ready to leave and to take our friend Jess home with us, who you may recall from “A good date can lead to a great orgy.”

It’s her first solo visit to a sex party and she’s not actively fucked. Not yet. James and I end up on either side of her. We’re making out with her and I’m playing with her clit, letting my hand go underneath her panties.

I feel the struggle and can tell from James’s demeanor that he feels it too: we’re both running empty in sex terms and yet there is a beautiful girl between us who needs to be fucked. If this were another night and another story I would happily report that it happened. I cannot however say that it did this time. C and I went home in the next couple minutes, and this morning we somehow found it in us to go one more time, talking dirty about Zena and Monica and many others while we did.

The next public-ish party may be Wonderland. We wonder if you’ll be there.

Today I am too depleted to do much apart from drink tea and read Seveneves, the new Neal Stephenson novel. This is what recovery looks like. If you need recovery you may have had a great night.