An occasionally updated guide to New York City’s sex parties

Everyone wants to know what parties and clubs to visit in NYC. Here’s our general guide to sex parties, and here’s our scorecard on parties in or near the City:

  • Killing Kittens: A tremendously positive experience. Parties happen every two months or so. Entry fees are very high. Don’t entirely believe the hype about glamazons and model-beautiful people everywhere; most were normal. Parties have a slightly jet-set, cosmopolitan / faux-cosmopolitan, London-Berlin-Tokyo-Milan vibe. Emphasis on “slightly,” as the marketing differs from the reality. Shocking, I know.
  • Bowery Bliss: Heard mostly negative reviews; if you are going to go, go after midnight on Friday or Saturday, otherwise don’t bother.
  • Behind Closed Doors: Have always enjoy the parties, though some are better than others. The very best ones are absolutely fantastic. Recommended, especially for first timers. Parties occur have two months or so. We’ve met many friends here.
  • Wonderland: We finally went. It was amazing and we should’ve gone much sooner. Be aware that there is a stronger dance party and costume vibe than at some other parties. People come for the sex, yes, but they also come for the ecstatic aesthetic experience. If you solely want to show up in fancy dress and then shed that dress to have sex, this is not for you. If you like costumes, art, dance, some BDSM, and Burning Man, you have found paradise. Usually held once a month or so.
  • Chemistry: Heard good things but have found their application process irritating and intrusive enough to dissuade us. Perhaps the organisers are tired of running the operation? One day they are going to have a security breach and leave many unhappy people in their wake.
  • Gemini & Scopio’s Countdown play party: We went and enjoyed ourselves, although it was pretty small (likely due to the time of year). Very newbie friendly. Like Wonderland, it has a stronger arty, BM, free-spirit and magic mushroom vibe. KK and BCD have more of a glamour, fancy dress, and coke vibe. Neither is necessarily “right,” and many people do both styles (including us), but we are trying to describe rather than judge.
  • Taste: Went to one party that was transparently dreadful. Almost no one showed and the people who did show seemed vacuous at best and ready for Rikers Island at worse. It’s like the old joke, “The food was terrible and the portions were small.” We were surprised that the couple running the party didn’t just say, “This was an off night, come back another time on us.” Avoid it.
  • Snctm: Never been; got “approved,” then discovered their outrageous four- and five-figure prices. What a joke. After that we ignored everything about them; really, if we wanted to hire escorts to be the party we could do that ourselves and cut out the middleman. Clearly this party has incredible PR and two groups who might attend: insiders who get comped and marks who pay full price. We are unlikely to be the former and unwilling to be the latter.
  • Heaven Circle: Loved it, but the party seems very UK-centric; in NYC parties are intermittent. Music is overly loud at times. We plan to attend their next party. Heavily body conscious, which may be a plus or minus depending on who you are, but like most parties they are less “elite” than their marketing suggests. We loved it and hope for another one.
  • La Trapeze: Never been, heard terrible, terrible reviews. The marketing emphasis on their “hot and cold buffet” is off putting. Sex is great. Restaurants are great. Together they are not so great. Snacks are great but a buffet in the same space as a bunch of naked, fucking people seems off.
  • Our favorite parties are still private. People who show up and make friends at public parties tend to find their way into the better private ones.
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