Varieties of Impotence — An Informative Insight

Impotence, also known as, impotence problems is a common sexual problem that affects an incredible number of men across the globe. Men struggling with impotence face an even inability to achieve or maintain a harder erection which is sufficient enough to accomplish sexual activity. Impotence is treatable and men being affected by this issue often leads a standard sexual life. With regards to the reason behind impotence, medical experts have defined 6 kinds of impotence. It will help doctors to form a right diagnosis and suggest the very best distinct treatment.


Arteriogenic impotence

Arteriogenic impotence occurs when arteries supplying blood towards the penis become narrow. Male organ thus remains can not receive enough blood required for erection. Arteriogenic impotence is noticed more in older people, particularly those being affected by diabetes or blood pressure. Bicycle riders may also report this kind of impotence while they frequently sustain friction inside the arterial region, which then causes a clot-like formation to build up from the artery.

Endocrinologic impotence

Also referred to as hormonal impotence, Endocrinologic impotence occurs as a consequence of imbalance or insufficiency of sex hormones — testosterone and estrogen — within the blood. It makes up about nearly 5 to 10% of most organic impotence.


Impotence from diabetes mellitus

Impotence is quite common among diabetics. Actually, around 50% of all diabetics are patients of impotence. Men suffering from diabetic impotence should make efforts to regulate their glucose levels by changing their lifestyle and eating habits and should will also get their glucose levels monitored from month to month.

Neurogenic impotence

The nerve supply for the penis is very delicate and complicated. Erection is achieved or maintained due to the impulses conducted along the nerves in the penis; since, they control the arteries and veins, which alter the the circulation of blood from the penis. An injury on the back especially those concerning the vertebral column as well as the vertebrae or any other nerves related to male organ, besides injury to other nerves inside the penis could also cause neurogenic impotence. Because of this, surgeries about the rectum prostate, urethra, spine and urinary bladder could be performed to help treat impotence.

Psychogenic impotence

Impotence may also occur due to psychological reasons. Men struggling with psychogenic impotence have no in the physical problems that otherwise cause impotence. Depression, stress and relationship troubles are some of the factors that may cause psychogenic impotence.

Venogenic impotence

During erection, the veins lock down almost entirely in order to avoid the blood from moving away from the penis. However, in a few men the veins leak blood, and due to this reason, male organ fails to maintain a bigger harder erection causing venogenic impotence. This type of impotence can be very common and is the reason for almost 30–70% coming from all impotence cases.