Why Espressos in America are not Good?
Augusto Marietti

Nice ad for Cavalli. :D I strongly disagree on the point of bad quality of espresso in US. There are many good coffee shops around here in Bay Area and baristas who make shots quick and properly like Italians like at home. And water in San Francisco is much better quality than in Rome btw. Only major metro in Italy that can compete with San Francisco is Milan, just because its water comes from mountains. Funny enough, people love to drink espresso in Venice, where water is really really bad. Not sure about purple or blue or whatever beans brand/roaster you mentioned in the article. I don’t like Blue Bottle myself. But there are many good local roasters that produce much better quality beans than mentioned Lavazza or Denise. Those brands are good but overpriced even in Italy. Being fresh and properly roasted is important as well. Good beans does not have expiration date printed but roast date instead. It’s important! Yes, local baristas are mostly too young and too unexperienced. But you can always find good ones as well. It’s more about taste you got used to and your personal preferences than quality.

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