8 signs you’re about to get laid off

Let me count the ways. When it happened to me ….

#2 — When I found out through my confident in the work council (about four weeks before), I started bringing my personal belongings home bit by bit, starting with my own mug and mouse. I even brought my backpack in (instead of my briefcase) for the hard-to-fit items.

#4 — The first round of layoff started 3 months after I started working there, then it was approximately once every 6 to 8 months. I survived 7 rounds.

#6 — In one of the previous rounds, a contractor phoned me up from another site and asked me exactly this. Even his manager didn’t know until he found out the contractor’s key card was also deactivated after he came into the office.

#7 — I knew about my demise early enough (see #2) so the “transition” was done long before. However, on the day of, HR was nervously looking for me. She even SMS’d me while I was still in bed, contemplating my next step that morning.

4 out of 8 ain’t bad!