Use These Strategies To Help Your Millennials Thrive
David K. Williams

Something that the millennial should understand as they enter the workforce:

  1. Like respect, autonomy is also earned. I won’t be in the position leaving you alone with challenges if you don’t show me that you can handle them first. Those who realize that will get both from me.
  2. We also don’t like to have a stick inserted in my behind. If you think you are right about certain things, and convince me of that, please go ahead. I absolutely welcome that, provided that you maintain the same level of respect I extend to you throughout the argument.
  3. I am eager to showing the young the ropes. BUT, while I don’t need you to be grateful, I also don’t want someone who turns me in when the situation becomes convenient. This I think is not really specific to millennials but for all relationships, however.

Of course, we “old farts” will be willing to go the extra mile to accommodate the next generation and, if all stars align, we can learn a great deal from each other.