The 10 Worst Things to Say When You Fire Someone
Jeff Haden

This happened at my second final meeting with the managing directors:

#4 — “You are just costing us more than [someone from your team whom we brought in on work visa for only a fraction of your salary.]”

#9 — No one in the company knew about any lay-off/firing taking place until the day after, not even senior management and share-holding employees, not even a hint that something along that line might happen.

#10 — After offering “help” both directors helped themselves with a three-week holiday.

And might I add, this was also said this at the meeting ...

“Since you’re so highly qualified, we are quite sure you’ll get a job in less than two weeks. If you do, please send us your contact so that we could do business with you. By the way, you also need to work until the end of your notice period. But I know you still have a lot of holidays, so please don’t take all your holidays in a single block because it is bad for the transition.”

For this alone I went straight home and called up my lawyer.