Introducing Teta 0.8: The Flutter no-code app builder for reactive and fully-customisable apps.
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At Teta, we’re dedicated to empowering anyone to create amazing mobile and web apps, without having to write a single line of code. Our no-code app builder for Flutter has been helping businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life with ease. And today, we’re excited to announce the release of our newest version, Teta 0.8.

Andrea Buttarelli, CEO at Teta:

With a focus on speed and efficiency, Teta 0.8 is the fastest and most advanced no-code app builder for Flutter yet. We’ve optimized the app builder’s code, resulting in a performance that’s not only incredibly fast, but also efficient. Teta 0.8 makes it easy to create complex and dynamic mobile and web apps quickly and easily.

Project tabs

Project tabs to switch quickly between pages and components in the same project

Our team has introduced new features that make app building more efficient than ever before. With the new project tabs feature, you can work on multiple pages within the same project simultaneously, making app building more efficient than ever. This feature allows you to open different components and pages on the same screen, making it easier to manage and navigate between them.
You can open up to 150 tabs consuming less than 3gb of Ram.

Browser tabs

Browser tabs to switch between different projects

In addition, we’ve introduced browser tabs for multitasking between projects. This feature makes it easy to move between projects, copy and paste between them, and move pages and components from one project to another. With the ability to open multiple browser tabs, you can work on different projects at the same time, without the hassle of switching between different windows or applications.

New code viewer page

New code viewer page

Teta 0.8 also includes a new code viewer page that displays all the Flutter project folders and files directly inside the app builder. This makes it easy to view and edit your code, and to organize and manage your project’s files and code. No more switching between different apps to manage your project.

Tables in Teta CMS

New table interface at Teta CMS

We’re excited to announce our new CMS layout system, which displays all the app data in tables, similar to an SQL database. This makes it easy to organize and manage data in your app, while still maintaining the advantages of a NoSQL database. With the CMS layout system, you can easily manage your app’s content, without having to deal with complicated databases.

// Fetch all docs
final res = await TetaCMS.instance.client.getCollectionByName('articles');

Get collections and documents by name using Teta CMS

It’s now possible to fetch and operate with collections and documents using their names using our teta_cms package on with the newest 2.3 version.

New providers in Teta Auth

New OAuth providers at Teta Auth

Lastly, Teta 0.8 supports up to nine OAuth providers, including Discord, Gitlab, Bitbucket, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more. With Teta Auth, you can easily authenticate your users with their preferred OAuth provider, making it easy to manage user authentication in your app.

New homepage introduced in Teta 0.8

New homepage

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Teta 0.8 also includes a new home screen that’s clearer, faster, and more intuitive than ever before. The new home screen makes it easier to manage your projects by grouping them into organizations. This feature is especially helpful for businesses or individuals who work on multiple projects at once. With the ability to group projects into organizations, you can easily navigate between projects and manage them more efficiently.

We’ve also introduced a global search function that makes it easy to find the projects you’re looking for quickly. Whether you’re searching for a specific project name or looking for a project within a certain organization, the global search feature makes it easy to find what you need in seconds.

Overall, the new home screen in Teta 0.8 makes it easier than ever to manage your projects, find what you need quickly, and get started building your apps with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned app builder or a beginner, Teta 0.8 is the perfect tool for bringing your ideas to life. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

The fastest Teta ever

In conclusion, Teta 0.8 is a game-changer for the world of app building. With its faster performance, project tabs, browser tabs, code viewer page, CMS layout system, and OAuth provider support, Teta 0.8 is the fastest and most advanced no-code app builder for Flutter yet. Whether you’re a business owner or a creative individual, Teta 0.8 can help you bring your app ideas to life with ease. Try Teta 0.8 today and experience the power of no-code app building.

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