Tetarise will be released on ICO on the Ethereum basis. So, we collected some interesting facts about it.

Ethereum is not actually a cryptocurrency even though it is spoken about in the same context as bitcoin. Ethereum is actually a platform and Ether in the unit of exchange, which drives Ethereum. Ether is then the cryptocurrency.
The founder — Vitalik Buterin handpicked the name Ethereum while he was browsing a list of elements from science fiction. It seemed to be calling out to him and Vitalik took a liking to it. He liked that the word Ether was in it and its meaning which is a medium that allows light to permeate all space and transmit transverse waves.

The initial version of Ethereum was called Frontier release which was a beta release which gave developers a platform to experiment and learn and finally start creating decentralized applications and tools based on Ethereum. The next version of the Ethereum platform is called Homestead. This upgrade includes many protocol changes and a networking change which allows further network upgrades to be carried out. Nowadays Ethereum is still not in its final form yet and it will be very intriguing to see what will happen at the next step.

Many of the major stock exchanges offer customers the opportunity to do ether transactions. ETH / BTC opened the Poloniex crypto pair, which is the biggest single stock exchange in terms of volume for its users. Kraken, BitFinex, Coinbase and Gemini soon followed Poloniex’s footprint. Some of these exchanges can even make ETH / USD transactions. Some stock markets can be traded off the stock market with ether. For example, in 2016, Genesis Trading opened off-the-shelf ether transactions. Octagon Strategy also started offering the same service to its customers in March 2017.

Bitcoin does still have a role to play, but Ethereum had become a lot more valuable in the fintech industry as it moves to a blockchain based application that use smart contracts in order to automate financial processes. As the demand for smart contract enabled networks increases so will the value of the Ethereum platform. The surge of Ether could be partly due to the major banks teaming up with startup R3 to test a system that uses blockchain to trade. This test was conducted on a Microsoft platform that ran on a black chain, which was built by Ethereum.

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