Love: Valentine’s Day 2016

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Valentine’s Day — a token Hallmark holiday — is dedicated to both star-crossed lovers and renters of heartbreak hotel. But if we look past the shiny cards plastered with exaggerated cursive poems and red flocked boxes of candies we can see to the heart of the day.

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Love drives the universe.

It inspires us to be creative, kind and compassionate. We strive for a fulfilling life in the name of love, hoping that we will fill the vacant spaces with others who share our common goals. Love opens the doors to forgiveness and family, even when we don’t see eye to eye. It allow for late nights under the stars and early mornings, in which to watch the newly fading moon. Real love sees no color, sex or ethnicity, but the brilliant light that shines within us all.

Love allows us to see the world through forgiving rose-colored glasses, while enabling us to (hopefully) accept what truly lies beneath the skin of another.

Although not all of us are with our loved ones tonight — due to distance, work or loss — none of us are ever alone. Love that turns this world radiates continuously through us all, whether or not the gift cards are on the shelves to show it.

Sending you, and yours love tonight.


Danielle & Justine

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