The Future of the Laboratory

We think the future of science starts by connecting all scientific equipment to the web.

This belief is what TetraScience is built around: the notion that cloud-enabled software can automate the lab like never before. The level of accuracy this provides in data-recording, as well as the mission-control like overview it gives to scientists, is something we’re proud to work on.

Our technology has various use cases from monitoring to lab informatics. Check them out:

We’re betting on the potential of IoT because we see everyday the effects it already has on science research, and other domains in life. Already, our monitoring solutions make it as easy as 1,2,3 to monitor each parameter from any device, store the data, and send alerts when something seems off. Our workflow solutions are redefining how process and flow chemistry happen: our continuous data captures and real time views provide a robust toolkit to do science 2.0.

As we gear up to connect even more devices to the cloud, we can’t help but express our enthusiasm for the tomorrow of science research. We’ve always said that scientists deserve simple software that is easy-to-use and make their lives and research better, and here’s to working towards just that.

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