Growth hack’s framework become to “AARRRC” from “AARRR”

This article is an English translation of this Japanese article at Oct 3rd 2017.

What is AARRR

It is a framework of Growth Hack that combines the customer behavior of the service into five steps and combines the initials of Activation, Acquisition, Retention, Referral and Revenue.
Dave McClure, CEO and founder of 500 Startups, proposed in 2007.
In growing the service, AARRR can withdraw from marketing that tends to focus mainly on acquisition and monetization, set indicators for each classification, and carry out measures that are appropriate for each.

I tried to include the “C”

When I made materials for proposals to a company, when I brought out my usual AARRR and created a slide, I thought that “Churn did not come in,” So, I made it myself.

AARRRC (ɑ́ːrk)

What do you think?
I’d appreciate it if you can use it by reading “ɑ́ːrk”.