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Dear Tetuans, don’t miss the last AMA session this week with the co-founder of Tetu belbix. Check it on Tetu channel.

Since Tetu launched 2 months ago we already have some minimum viable products in perfect working order, we have the yield aggregator that successfully earn money with large buybacks…

Let’s follow Tetu’s progress in the last week

The co-founder belbix held the weekly AMA, in which some interesting subjects were discussed, such as thoughts on an expansion to the Ethereum network, dxTETU and the rewards cycle and the updating of some contracts.

The Co-founder of Tetu belbix held another weekly AMA.

The first topic addressed at the AMA were thoughts and considerations about expanding to the Ethereum network.

  • Tetu is a yield management platform that was designed to work on fast and cheap networks.
  • Despite this, the scope of the project is…

How the Tetu universe works

When the Tetuans used to look at the ancient dark night sky, they wondered “What are the sacred numbers that the gods used to build all this?” Over time society developed, knowledge was acquired and issues became more sophisticated. “Did the gods have a choice?”

Strong partnerships and a new cycle of rewards, let’s check out Tetu’s progress this week.

On September 29, the Co-founder of Tetu belbix held another weekly AMA session. Check out the AMA of the 29th on Tetu’s YouTube.

Hello Tetuans this is the announcement of another weekly AMA.

  • belbix shared his thoughts regarding the partnership with Beefy Finance.
  • the simplification provided through the development of smart contracts for certain strategies like as auto folding.
  • comments on NFT lending.
  • When asked what could raise the price of TETU belbix replied: utility, new platforms, new strategies, marketing. With a good product, new strategies and new integrations users will come.
  • Investment fund.
  • Tokenization of real world companies.

Check out the AMA on Tetu’s channel.

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The third cycle of rewards begins.

The third rewards cycle started on September 27th and like every Tetu rewards cycle it will last 28 days until the next rebalancing. …

Tetu is now in partnership with Beefy Finance an aggregator with a huge personality.

When Joseph went to Egypt he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams with mastery deciphering the riddle of the 7 fat cows and 7 lean cows. Like the periods of famine and plenty of ancient Egypt, the Crypto market is cyclical and although it is not possible to say, like Joseph, whether the next cows to come will be fat or thin, the certainty that we have is that with the partnership with Beefy the cows will be closer to Tetu.

Through the partnership with Beefy, it is now possible to deposit TETU-USDC (Quick Swap) and TETU-WMATIC (Suhi Swap) on Beefy finance and autocompound your rewards

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In partnership with FarmHero the fun Roll Game will be available to play in TETU

The book of wisdom teaches that building wealth is not just about working, but also allowing time to do its part. That’s why after a long day of work Tetuans like to play a good…

The co-founder of Tetu belbix held another weekly AMA.

TETU’s weekly AMA explored some interesting topics about the protocol. The session started with belbix talking about the TETU price behavior and the dynamics that the buyback mechanics cause in the price.

Other subjects that were explored at AMA:

  • Thoughts on liquidity balancer.
  • Considerations for expansion into other networks.
  • Diamond Vault.
  • Thoughts on a fully autonomous yield platform.

You can watch the weekly AMA of the 22nd of September on the Tetu channel.

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Tetu the next generation Yield Management

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