Bridging Tetu using Multichain

Hello Tetuans. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the new partnership between Tetu and Multichain.

With the launch of Tetu on Fantom it is now necessary to know bridges to move the valuable TETU tokens across the network, with the new partnership between Tetu and Multichain a great bridge solution is available for this problem.


The Classic Anyswap dapp that provides bridge solutions for asset movement between networks has recently rebranded and is now Multichain.

The Multichain bridge product is very good, after the bridge tx is confirmed it is necessary to wait a few minutes to receive the assets, in general everything is very simple and we will see how it works in the following tutorial:

In the guide, I will send Tetu from Polygon to Fantom. Go to Multichain and connect in the dapp.

Select router, marked in green, and then choose TETU, marked in red, and in the source and destination networks, marked in blue, select MATIC in the From box, and FTM in the To box.

I will move 421 TETU from Polygon to Fantom, marked in red, read the reminder marked in blue and approve and confirm the tx of Swap in yellow.

Confirm in the box.

After the transaction is completed on the Polygon network, Multichain will show a notification containing the Explorer link, in this link it is possible to check the status of the bridge transaction.

Note that in Multichain explorer the Receive value is zero and there is still no status, it is necessary to wait a few minutes for the assets to be transferred.

After a few minutes the bridge transaction is completed, the Status is Success and the receive value shows my amount of Tetu received.

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