Interacting with Tetu

This article is a brief tutorial on how to interact with Tetu, the main way to receive high yields in Tetu nowadays is through Staking of LP positions from platforms.

In this example we will use Sushiswap’s WMATIC-WETH pool, but the process of interacting with other available platforms like Quickswap and Wault to add LP is very similar.

1st Step Swapping

First of all make sure you have enough resources on the Polygon network, go to Polygon bridge in order to transfer resources.

With the resources available in the Polygon wallet, we will access Sushiswap and on the Swap tab (red box) we will choose the assets we want to add liquidity in order to stake on Tetu (orange box).

Swap the equivalent amount of assets, let’s say $100 of each asset, you must first allow the action and then confirm the transaction in Metamask. The transaction will be quick and cheap.

2nd Step Adding Liquidity

With $100 of each asset now, we click on Liquidity (red box) and add the $100 of WETH and WMATIC, again we must allow the smart contract through a transaction and finally confirm the transaction.

After adding liquidity to Sushiswap, we can see our LP position in the Pool tab to confirm that everything went well.

3rd Step Staking LP on Tetu

Access Tetu select the pool we are going to deposit, WMATIC-WETH Sushiswap

We should see the LP position value we created in Sushiswap, click on the value to select everything to deposit (red box) or drag the slider to the amount of your LP position you want to deposit. After that we must give permission to the smart contract before finally confirming the deposit transaction (orange box).

After confirmation of deposit our WMATIC-WETH Sushi LP position is already generating yields in xTETU (orange box). We can see that it is already staked (red box).

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