Introducing the new tetuQi vault — High APY and flexibility

3 min readFeb 15, 2022

Hello Tetuans, we would like to present you another innovative Yield Farming strategy.

Ancient Tetuans prospered mastering the art of agriculture and commerce, with the knowledge acquired new more efficient techniques are created for the generation of wealth

"Money that is kept forever is kept forever."
The Book of Wisdom.

Brief description of tetuQi

  • Users deposit QI in the vault to get tetuQi. Once deposited it is not possible to withdraw QI from the tetuQi vault, QI are technically locked forever.
  • 90% of the QI airdrop is wrapped in tetuQi. 10% is charged as a performance fee for Profit Share, POL and Investment Fund.
  • Another option for obtaining tetuQi is to simply buy it. You can also use tetuQi’s liquidity to sell it.

How tetuQi works

The vault will permanently lock Qi in Mai Finance for the maximum period of 4 years. QI will be locked up for 4 years with every deposit and all deposits will always be locked for the maximum period of 4 years.

  • tetuQi will be created at a rate of 1:1 for each Qi deposited in the tetuQi vault.
  • There will be a tetuQi-QI LP on TetuSwap incentivized by TETU.
  • Although users cannot withdraw from the vault due to the eternal lock, it will still be possible to sell tetuQi, ultimately being the same as withdrawing assets from the vault.

Thus tetuQi will provide two positive effects to Tetuans, it will act as a powerful interest bearing token which is yielding a high APY due to the maximum period lock, as well as the option to sell tetuQi through available liquidity.

There is a saying that the economy is driven by incentives, if this is true I hope that the high APY of tetuQi will bring new Tetuans looking for a satisfied DeFi experience on the Polygon network.

tetuQi will provide QiDAO with an uninterrupted stream of locked QI that will technically be eternal as all Qi deposits will be permanently locked for the maximum duration of 4 years and so on until Tetuan society becomes intergalactic. And users will enjoy a high APY and flexibility.

Deposit in tetuQi

Depositing to tetuQi is simple, just open the vault and deposit QI tokens.

An alternative to getting tetuQi is to buy them in the market directly.

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