Tetu AMA session 1st September

Hi Tetuans, here we go to another edition of Tetu’s weekly AMA.

TETU 2nd Reward Cycle

This week’s AMA session began with the announcement that a new rewards round has been successfully implemented.

Interacting with Tetu when the website is not online.

This is a question that comes up frequently, belbix showed you how to do this and we will soon have a detailed article teaching you how to do this.


TETU Mint is done on an as-needed basis, now for example there are generous rewards for vaults available, but soon new vaults will be released and then TETU mint will be done to incentivize new vaults. Mint action has a 48 hour timelock and an amount of TETU tokens greater than the weekly emissions capacity cannot be minted. Not all minted tokens go to the market, 67% of minted tokens go to FundKeeper contract for expansion in other networks, the decision of this expansion will be made together with the Tetu community.

For the next weeks.

Some new platforms available for Yield Farming on Tetu and some marketing events.

Why was the APR reduced?

The structuring of the new rewards round was based on external project rewards. For example, Wault has greatly reduced distributed rewards, it is not possible to gain much from Wault strategies so there is no strong economic inclination to encourage them. Another factor that also influenced the structure of the 2nd rewards cycle was the TETU buyback vault performance, by interacting with the vault and clicking on “info” you can check the TETU buyback amount of the vault.


To find out how many TETU an xTETU is worth open the xTETU vault and in the upper right corner click on “info” the Total Price per Share indicates the amount of TETU each xTETU token is worth.

Fix a improvements

We fixed the main page, it loads much faster. We intend to improve the stats page, the TVL at work graph takes a long time to load and someone with Dune Analytics skills could do a good visual job with our numbers.

Almost 3M $TETU buyback

The TETU buyback amount is close to 3 million, that’s amazing. FundKeeper shows that TETU has already made an 11K profit in its existence.

Tetu Liquidity Balancer

Tetu Liquidity Balancer is a smart contract that aims to stabilize the price of TETU. When the TETU price goes up too much and too fast, it sells part of the TETU and adds liquidity in the same transaction, and when the TETU price goes down too much and too fast it buys TETU. We intend to adjust the Liquidity Balancer targets but we need to wait for liquidity growth.

How to take advantage of big price drops in TETU

You can do this by creating a limit order in QuickSwap.

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