Tetu Diamond Vault dxTETU

Dear Tetuans, I bring news about another innovative Tetu vault, the Diamond Vault.

We were impressed with the result of the Reward Boosting System, we realized that it fulfilled its role and thanks to it TETU achieved greater stability in its price and in the APR of all vaults even in the low market periods.

A good allocation of rewards can be not only beneficial to the entire ecosystem, but also financially very attractive to the user. Users are the core of the ecosystem. With all this in mind Tetu’s Builders developed the new Diamond Vault, which will also be known as dxTETU.

Diamond Vault — dxTETU

The old Tetuan fairs were places where money passed from impatient hands to patient hands. Diamond Vault works in a similar way. When user deposits into Diamond Vault for the first time or after fully withdrawing the 90 day vesting period begins. On the first day it will be possible to withdraw 50% of the deposited principal.

But Attention! If the user withdraws the 50% before the full 90 day period, the remaining 50% of the personal principal deposited will be distributed to all Diamond Vault participants, realizing a huge 50% loss. When someone withdraws early his penalty tokens will be added as rewards into the vault with vesting 28 days as usual.

Like everything good in life, there’s no benefit in rushing, and good things will come in time, in a way that day by day the amount available to withdraw with no punishment will increase to 100% linearly. This way Diamond Vault participants will receive the abandoned dxTETU from users who rushed to leave the Diamond Vault earlier than the 90-day vesting period.

Also keep in mind that by participating in Diamond Vault you will continue to earn xTETU APY. xTETU APY is not showing in Diamond Vault but you are still getting it. The APR displayed in Diamond Vault is only related to dxTETU.

dxTETU token cannot be transferred to avoid tricks that ignore the mechanics of the vesting period.

Partnership Instrument

The Diamond Vault will be used as an instrument to leverage the benefits of the collaborations and relationships with Allied Citadels that Tetu’s diplomatic ambassadors work hard to build. Diamond Vault’s potential to make collaborations even better is not just a prospect for the future, the launch of dxTETU will already take place illuminating the partnership between Tetu and FarmHero with the distribution of 241,545 HONOR tokens.

The book of wisdom blesses the man who is a friend of time and acts with commitment in his actions. Participating in Diamond Vault is a subtle tribute to humanity’s friendship with time.

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