Hi Tetuans, I am happy to introduce you to Tetu’s new product, TetuSwap.


TetuSwap is the Tetuan exchange. Tetu’s ingenious architects got into action again and developed a product where the user feels safe and happy to deposit LP, trade crypto and buy TETU.

TetuSwap was built based on an Uniswap fork with few changes to be able to integrate SmartVaults to SwapPairs. Now your liquidity will always earn money even without swaps!

In TetuSwap each Liquidity Provider has its independent LP position deposited in the underlying vaults.

Users will be able to add liquidity and deposit in Yield Farming Vaults in Tetu Main Dapp. Rewards from underlying vaults will be transferred to LP vault periodically and xTETU will be able to provide additional profits for Liquidity Providers.

Using TetuSwap

Users can use TetuSwap by depositing LP and receiving rewards or trading on TetuSwap. Using TetuSwap will not depend on interactions with Tetu yield platform, users are able to trade, deposit and remove liquidity directly in TetuSwap.

To view the available Vaults of TETU swap look for “swap” in the Main App filter.


The standard fee is 0.1% in the following proportion:

  • 0.01% of fees are auto compounded into individual LP position.
  • 0.09% goes to forwarder and are used for TETU buyback in the standard proportion of 45% to xTETU holders, 45% to TETU-USDC LP, 10% to investment fund.

The standard fee to trade on TetuSwap is sublime, with 0.1% being much more attractive to trade than the usual 0.25% ~ 0.3% trading fees on other dexes platforms.

I must say, the TETU rewards for Liquidity Providers will also be attractive.

Synergy with Yield

In addition to standard gains from trading fees and Tetu Rewards incentives, Liquidity Providers also have a boosted reward because TetuSwap’s LP assets are not only regular LP positions, they are also working on yield management strategies of Tetu, so the LP positions on TetuSwap achieve an even higher level of efficiency, making it an even more attractive investment for Liquidity Providers.


As a standard security measure the contracts have been checked and TetuSwap has been tested before launch and will soon be audited as well.

Future Perspectives

TetuSwap will offer DeFi users a Decentralized Exchange alternative with lower fees and plays a key role in building Tetu money lego to produce a thriving and self-sustaining synergy of incredible yields.

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Tetu the next generation Yield Management

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