Instagram vs Snapchat (EN version)

A new battle of giants or just an attempt by Instagram to get back users from Snapchat because Instagram is still growing …?

Snapchat or Instagram is the BIG question. But which platform is the better one. So far, both could coexist perfectly. Snapchat has its active users — as some believe — “simply” caught, because there wasn’t anything comparable till now. Then suddenly Instagram really simple and brazenly copied Snapchat and launched a extremely stripped down version [of the yellow ghost] itself — according to the motto: if you can not buy it, then just copy — it is speculated hot what will happen next.

The fact:

a) Many bloggers/influencers for those Instagram so far is one of their best social media channels, but till now they were forced by their community to be also active on Snapchat. So now the give the new Instagram feature a warm welcome. Most of them switching back to Instagram stories now for giving their community bts insights. In most cases these are those for whom it does not hurt to loose a small amount of community, if they stop using Snapchat.

b) On the other hand there’re influencer, rather the smaller ones, who previously relied on Instagram. For those it will probably soon be even more difficult to compete in IG. For smaller Instagramer today it’s very difficult to be perceived or displayed in their followers feeds— which means lot of time investment and active use. Now Instagram will definitely very quickly change the algorithm ones more so that the use and the use of the app also use of the stories feature will be considered how and when to appear in the feed of the followers.

At this point I take my specific personal example: I would ideally need daily posts on Instagram to be still perceived by my followers and also according to each post a daily usage of 1,5–2h community work (= active commenting liking). Will the effort now increase even more by any algorithm changes, Instagram (the platform) for me as a small influencer will not be interesting any more, because the daily expenses i need to put on the app isn’t worth the output any more.

But what if tomorrow will rise something new stuff … the green spider or red ape?

That being said — the bottom line is the answer to the question, the answer how it is that one has on Instagram a lot more views than on Snapchat. WHY? Because you get pushed to the Instagram Stories up in the app, regardless of whether you want to see it or not. Logically many of your followers then click. 
In comparison, at Snapchat the user are consuming your stories extremely pro-active because they want to see your snaps and click on it deliberately. In my very own opinion, the views you get on Snapchat are therefore much more authentic then the views you get on Instagram.

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