Focus On The Future

Focus on the Future” is a student organization on Kent States University campus. The organization’s main goal is to make students feel at home. Focus on the Futures board and committee meets every Sunday at 7pm in Oscar Richie or The Student Center. Every Sunday they discuss what themed event can they put on for students and the public of Kent State University. On April 27th, 2016 “Focus on the Future” held its annual benefit showcase. This year’s theme was “Violence in Urban Communities”. This themed helped many students come together who has lost loved ones to violence, the showcase featured many a different diverse students with different talents. Therefore, some students performed songs that felt close to their hearts. While other students spoke poetry to give guidance and hope to the audience. There were even students who danced to deep melodies. The showcase wasn’t free, the price for a ticket was 3 dollars. However, all of the proceeds were donated to P.O.D (Pursing Our Dreams). Pursing Our Dreams is an organization located in the center of Columbus Ohio. Its mission statements states that its goal is to improve poverty and crime in Ohio. The organization feels that most violence and crime in urban communities that happen are connected to poverty. Pursing Our Dreams reach out to the youth all over Ohio. Bringing them food, hygiene packets and even school supplies. Focus on the Future raised 700 dollars for Pursing Our Dreams. On May 4th, 2016 was the memorial of the four that lost their lives at Kent State in 1970. However, May 4th task center chose the theme “Black Lives Matter” this year. While choosing Samaria Rice to speak at the memorial at Kent State. There were so many mixed feelings about this from current students and alumni. Consequently, Many felt that the “Black Lives Matter “movement had nothing to do with May 4th. This was an ongoing argument that went on over social media, all over Facebook and Twitter people expressed their feelings towards this issue. The arguments, even turned to threats against Ms. Rice. A student organization called “Black Students United”(B.U.S) attended the memorial to hear and support what Ms. Rice had to say. B.U.S was also joined by many other student organizations on campus. Focus on the Future also was in attendance standing in solidarity with Ms. Rice and B.U.S. That’s Focus on the Future main goal is to make people feel that they are a family. No matter what race or gender you are, the organization stands for equality for all. Focus on the future showed B.U.S that they aren’t alone. By attending and standing in solidarity, it makes a bold statement. Its states that just because we are two different organizations I will still support you. It’s showing that no matter who you are, Focus on the future will treat you as a family. That’s an organization that some students should look into joining.