Designing With Empathy | How To Create What People Want

(Left ) contains inconsistent placements for CTAs (Right) streamlines where users should click

The Problem of Designing without Empathy

Design Thinking” can be a tremendous problem solving tool when creating solutions for users of all kinds. If you look at the images above, the layout on the left contains some nice use of images, fonts, and a masonry grid, but there are a few inherent flaws in regards to its design. For one, the Calls to Action (buttons) are located in different areas of the screen and are inconsistently placed throughout the rest of the website. With design thinking, it is important to familiarize users with a site’s look through consistent visual elements; that means keeping important colors the same, reducing lateral eye movement, and defining those standards early in the user’s experience.

Design is used to tell stories in a more stimulating way

The goal of what I call the “discovery period” with a client is to gain confidence in making design decisions that align with the goals of the client. To achieve that level of “enlightenment”, there are a few questions I need to feel confident in answering:

  • What is the client’s goal for the business or brand?
  • How does this project align with that vision?
  • What is the story trying to be told here?



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Tevin Rivera

Tevin Rivera

I am full-time developer at a startup in Philadelphia. I enjoy designing immersive and seamless front-end experiences. Expressing myself an article at a time!