4 Benefits of Hosted PBX for Your Remote Employees

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Some of the most common heading issues among small to mid-sized corporations — juggling company assets, tightly controlled budget, constant struggles to deliver more with less — can be categorized as “increasing pains.” The growth conundrum typically includes increasing sales number to accommodate more resources, but a good number of resources must be hired to make those sales happen. Keeping off competitors at bay while pursuing growth intensifies the requirement to stay agile and target the crux of business services.

Resources nowadays need access to their work whenever they want. Managing remote employees gives rise to a plethora of issues in the business structure. The new voice in the business world — Hosted PBX is complete in itself that can streamline all the hassles associated with your business.

Let’s take a look at how hosted PBX can add-up the strength to work-ability of employees willing to work from anywhere across the globe:

1. Features to support each phase of your business cycle:

Easy- scalability offers businesses feasibility to accommodate resources from a single seat to enterprise-size deployment. If you have a vast retail season that imposes taxes on your running infrastructure, you can subscribe to cloud-enabled infrastructure for a short-period. You can also, put on lease transaction processing power or web servers when you actually need it, and move back to the normal phase when the traffic spike has passed away.

2. Instant access to richer expertise:

To support the burgeoning business services, hosted voice can offer better and potent collaboration capabilities. If you want to open up a new branch office but don’t want to hold IT resources or stand-up a data center for the long-term then remote hosting can help in connecting and managing employees better. The emerging communication tools such as BusyFlow has simplified management of cloud-based apps for busy remote-teams. It syncs very smoothly with Google Calendar, Google Docs, DropBox, BaseCamp, Pivotal Tracker and more. You can even try it for free, depending upon the strength of employees.

3. Secure and reliable access at lowered cost:

Low initial investments, predictable monthly billing, and management by the service provider can make it a suitable fit for businesses all sizes. CSPs usually deploy highly-trained professionals to deal with software, hardware and other vendor related issues. In case, the connection gets lost at an office location then all the calls get automatically routed to different cell phones or branch offices.

Unified communication capabilities that merge IP-based telephony with other IP-based collaboration and communication applications such as video-calling, video-conferencing, instant messaging, screen sharing, a presence indicator and texting from your business line can support communication of remote employees better.

4. Flexible working schedule with softphones:

The services can be customized as per the business requirement. Deploying right equipment can help in building engagement among the remote staff by assuring them that they are a part of the on-site workforce. The use of softphone tools and applications that can be processed on Mac, Windows and Linux can allow workers to access and share content across several devices. Besides flexibility, it is a cost-effective option as same office phone number can be used at home with a broadband connection. Cutting down on equipment costs helps employees to work outside office premises, at home or in café. VoIP offers feasibility to build an agile and elastic architecture.

In a nutshell:

Sometimes, managing the main business services and basic infrastructure can get into the way of managing more critical tasks. Additionally, tasks like setting up a phone system framework, crafting the local area network, administering servers’ demands specific skills that corporations are not ready to cling to infancy and growth phases.

Situations such as power outages, natural disasters, and other disruptive conditions may bring office work to a standstill. At this moment, cloud-based applications can play a crucial role in empowering the productivity of remote employees. More than just getting in touch with customers and maintaining the connectivity, cloud solutions facilitate business continuity.

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