You can’t be your team’s bottleneck. You need to coach and mentor your team members to be able to tackle all technical challenges without your help. You should never be needed to write production code. A great use of your coding time is the non-feature dirty work. Make the build faster, extract some shared behavior into a nice library. Look for things that will make things more productive or more fun for the team. You can also keep your technical skills by focusing on coding Proofs Of Concepts, explore new technologies for your team to use, or work on side projects within the company or on your own.
From Engineer to Manager: keeping your technical skills
Joan Gamell

Runway improvements

Joan Gamell

I could not have stated this better myself. In the spirit of optimization and providing the ideal environment for delegation, this is something I am trying to do more by creating road maps for my developer value-adds: Prioritized features that do not affect consumers but make the team more productive or less error prone.