The Daily Pnut: Genesis

A month ago, we launched The Daily Pnut, a daily newsletter that will make you laugh and sound marginally more intelligent throughout your day. Below is what prompted us to do it:

At some point in the past year it hit us that, for our generation, 25- to 35-year-olds shouldn’t need to read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal every day to feel informed. It’s impractical, long and isn’t often that memorable… also who has the time for it?

We had been working on a pretty “serious” news site called OpedSpace. The idea was to bring the voice of our generation to the fore so we can better inform people about what is going on around the world. But we were using the wrong tools. We still restricted ourselves to long form, our distribution engine was a website and the hope that something makes its way through the Facebook algorithm on your feed.

It was at that point that it hit us that we were thinking about all of this the wrong way. The newspaper died but there really hadn’t been anything that replaced it, and nothing suited for our generation.

We also had another bunch of realizations:

  • People were getting more and more of their news before even getting out of bed.
  • Humor was moving from satirical fringes to the mainstream.
  • People were bombarded with different news sites and didn’t have the time to make sense of it.

Considering all of this, we built a product that we think makes more sense: The Daily Pnut.

We went out, scoured a bunch of sources and brought back what we thought were important stories. We do our research and find those “stranger than fiction” facts that make a story “tick.” We add a few jokes, package it into an email and voila! Your news, delivered, with a twist.

The new product has allowed us to run stories that say things like:

  • “NASA finds new planet for Apple to sell iPhones to.”
  • “Taliban looking for management consultants.”
  • “Greece: Don’t be a dra(ch)ma queen.”
  • “Fed announces something.”

The best part is, it works! We knew we were onto something when we were at dinner once and someone repeated one of our jokes… that was a great moment.

And the stats said the same thing. Open rates at at the top for the industry and growth has been amazing as our reader community has continued to grow quickly since launch.

Our product portfolio has expanded with a series of “nutshells” that explain Greece, the Iran Deal and Yemen, as well as a bunch of “dispatches” from Athens, Tehran and Kinshasa.

We invite you to join our community of readers and sign up here.

We promise it will make you laugh and better inform you about what is going on around the world! Money back, guaranteed (it’s free).