Cruz vs. Rubio — answering on immigration

We made this video with a few things in mind and thought it was important to share. In the video Bill O’Reilly asks both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio the same question on immigration, pointing out a common scenario. An immigrant from Ireland came and overstayed his visa, he works and has a family here, what do you do?

One glaring truth about both answers is they are very similar in how to prevent this situation from happening. When you hear people say Rubio and Cruz have, basically, the same position on immigration that’s a pretty accurate statement. Where they differ is on their approach to dealing with the people we have here now.

Another point worth paying attention to is who attacks whom. Rubio’s answer is straight forward and clearly details what his point of view is on the issue. He also makes it clear that this isn’t an issue the President will mandate to the country. What happens with illegal immigrants is going to, largely, depend on what the will of the people is. Cruz, on the other hand, quickly makes his point and goes right into attacking Trump and Rubio. I know it’s important to distinguish your position from others, but from a campaign that complains about being attacked and claims to not; it’s a telling contrast. Even more telling is Cruz misstates Rubio’s position and O’Reilly doesn’t call him out despite having just talked to Rubio.

If you come into this, taking each candidate at their word, I absolutely agree with Rubio’s position and it’s Cruz’ position that worries me. Having a government force that is going to target and round up people, taking them away from families, just isn’t a reasonable position theses days. We already have a climate of tension in America and this would instantly perpetuate that narrative. Even at that, our current laws are flawed for the 21st Century world. We must update and improve our current laws — being just an enforcer of current law isn’t going to work.

There are many people who will watch this video and agree with Cruz over Rubio but I think it’s an important difference to point out. While Cruz’ position may help him win the primary it would most certainly kill him in the general. Rubio can more clearly convey the Conservative position on this issue without being as decisive to the mainstream public.

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