Rubio Uniting the Party!

Rubio is not the establishment candidate but he is the candidate that will unite the party. The establishment isn’t backing him because they love him over someone like Jeb Bush but because they know he’ll win and they know he’ll be able to unite the party. He’s not the establishment candidate but at the same time he’s not an anti-establishment candidate like Cruz is.

Take a look at Rubio’s core base, us and many other TeamMarco groups all over social media. These are strong conservatives and early Tea Party people. Cruz and his base think that he’s the only option for conservatives but there’s definitely something that many conservatives are seeing in Rubio that they don’t see in Cruz.

Rubio is a uniter. He’s already proving that by stealing establishment votes from Jeb Bush, evangelical votes, conservatives, moderates, and even bringing on new voters to the party. His message is upbeat and unapologetically conservatives. There have been many analogies to Rubio and JFK or even Obama but the ones that carry the most weight are those comparing him to Ronald Reagan.

We look forward to more and more groups bailing from their candidates with sub-9% results and joining Team Marco!

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