Absolutely not.
TX Kevin

Obama’s time machine strikes again. ISIS began in the prison camps of Iraq long before Obama even thought of running for office. But somehow he is responsible. Go figure.

Most of the acts of terror that have occurred in the US have been by right wing gun nuts, but that doesn’t count. Go figure.

Obama has taken Iran out of the nuclear development program, but somehow this has emboldened them? Go figure.

Our image in the international community has improved drastically over what it was when US policy under Cheney/Bush, but facts don’t matter to the wingnutters.

The US military made it clear during the Iraqi war that every act of wanton violence against innocent civilians made that many more dedicated terrorists, but the people who think that might makes right don’t seem to understand the concept that people who have nothing to lose and who have been oppressed are eventually going to strike back. It’s like someone who kicks a dog and then gets upset when the dog bites him. It is politically incorrect to point out that these people are stupid, but what else can you say?

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