Funny how the left is now so concerned with homeowners and ranchers along the border!
Edward Glinka

“On and on, I could go on!”

But no matter how long you went on, you still wouldn’t make any sense. All those complaints you have are just as valid as that twit Arizona governor’s statement that lots of beheaded bodies were found in the desert, in other words, the product of a sick imagination.

You do understand that the Mara Truchas and M13 are homegrown, not from across the border. You do understand that rapes and murders by American citizens far outnumber those by immigrants legal or otherwise. You do understand that an illegal immigrant is about a tenth as likely to commit a crime as you are. You do understand that crime on the border towns is a fraction of what it is in the interior and has not shown any increase whatsoever.

I realize that reality and your fevered, hate filled mind are at odds with each other, but although being mentally unbalanced may feel good, it is distinctly dysfunctional.

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