How to perfectly sear a steak

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3 min readOct 25, 2016
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In our continued efforts to keep your culinary exploration as simplistic and as easy to understand as possible let’s address the all important sear. Searing a steak provides that beautiful look, but it goes way beyond the aesthetics. Not too mention many proteins, whether pan-fried or grilled, require the all important sear. Simple explanation of searing is this. Searing brings added depth and complexity of flavors out of the steak or scallops otherwise, would be missed. As far as if searing locks in the moisture, well I’ll stay out of that contentious point.

We have all heard to get the perfect sear, get your pan or grill as hot as you can. If cooking in a pan then add some oil and in some cases butter and wait until it just begins to smoke. Or cooking on your grill then some will have you heat the grates until they look like a lava flow. Let the sizzling begin…right? Well yes, but there is a more fool proof method.

Using a high-quality extra virgin olive oil like from Texas Angel Oil will give you an advantage. Not all extra virgin olive oils are the same in not only the taste and texture but in cooking performance. Texas Angel Oil was born in the BBQ capital of the world in the great state of Texas. BBQ is a broad term that in some circles of Texas are given the same reverence as any religion. Our special blend of different olive varietals used in Texas Angel Oil is not just for the velvety taste, but also our extra virgin olive oil has a superior ability to perform under heat.

Long story short and your simple tip is this; coat your steak in Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil before either grilling or pan frying. Not only will the alkaline properties of the olive oil work with the acids of your protein to bring out more flavor, but high quality extra virgin olive oil heats up very quickly. This action allows the surface of your steak to heat up much quicker giving you the best chance for the perfect sear.

As a bonus for my bloviating on this topic here is a recipe shared by Texas Angel Oil own Texas BBQ competition team: Guadalupe Co. BBQ Competition Team with Ty Machado as featured on the Food Network.

Guadalupe Co. BBQ Competition Team Simple Grilled Ribeye Recipe


Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil

Texas Black Gold -Garlic Sea Salt

Uncle Bob’s Country Seasonings- Garlic Onion Pepper Blend.

Pick your favorite ribeye steaks the more marbling the better , 1 1/2" cut steaks or thicker are ideal.


Cover the steaks lightly with Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil on both sides this is a binder for your seasonings and neutralizes the acidity of the meat to allow your seasonings to permeate the meat.

( a thick piece of beef can stand up to the sea salt )

Season generously on both sides with Texas Black Gold Garlic Sea Salt and Uncle Bob’s Country Seasonings Garlic Pepper Blend.

Ideally let rest 10 mins or longer to help infuse flavor (Can even refrigerate overnight).


Heat grill to 500–550 degrees and lay steaks on the grill, 30 seconds per side for the sear. Reduce heat to 400 degrees

About 2.5 -3 mins per side should get us to 135 med rare.

Optional: Hit it lightly with another dose of Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil on one side for enhanced flavor.



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